To ensure continuous services aligned with ISO 9001:2015 management system, the Schools Division of Parañaque through Senior Education Program Specialist for Human Resource Development (SEPS-HRD) and overall ISO coordinator, Dr. Rosie O. Rumbaoa, conducted the Quality Management Review via Google Meet, August 28.

The recitation of the Quality Policy Statement led by SGOD chief, Dr. Marilyn B. Timtiman and the presentation of the different committees of the Internal Quality Audit by Deputy Quality Management Representative (QMR), OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Violeta M. Gonzales formally commenced the review.

QMR Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines stated the terminal and enabling objectives. “We shall deliver services with client satisfaction and continuously improve work processes and adapt to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,” she affirmed and further cited the review agenda: presentation of customer satisfaction result, issues from the previous Internal Quality Audit, review and updating of critical service processes per unit, and customer satisfaction updates.

What followed next were the discussions on the suggestions and recommendations which transpired during the External Quality Audit Result held last December 16-17, 2019. Afterwards, the different units of the SDO took turns in reporting the processes of their respective offices. Dr. Ladines suggested to create additional processes in which, aside from being timely and relevant at this time of pandemic, are likewise aligned with the ISO and with the Memorandum Circular (MC) in relation to the Performance Management and Monitoring System. These include incorporating of e-signature on e-documents to be the process of the Records; the mechanical uploading of the content of the transparency seal is for the division IT office, while the Admin Officer V and HRM officer are in charge of the completion, updating and maintenance of the transparency seal.

On the other hand, the Legal Unit has to include the process on FOI or the release of information (if a client comes to the office), as well as the process on responding to the complaints and queries posted on the FB page forwarded by SEPS-HRD and Division Information Officer Dr. Rumbaoa, while the adherence to health and safety protocols is to be the process of the Health and Nutrition office also in coordination with the HR and Admin offices.

Moreover, Dr. Marilyn B. Timtiman and Dr. Bernardo N. Mascariña presented the master list of processes for review and updates of the SGOD and CID, respectively. After having noted the extents for enhancement, the division chiefs agreed to regroup with their respective sections to update the processes adopting the emerging trends (e.g. the RPMS, IPCRF updates, etc.) and specifying the processes according to the major roles and functions.

Also stressed in the ISO review was the firming up of the LRMDS processes of Dr. Rodel A. Apostol as Dr. Rumbaoa said it is being emphasized in the MC 2020-1 as important requirement in the PBB grant.

Dr. Arlyn M. Brigola presented the results of the client satisfaction survey. According to her, the surveys were based on the client’s experience, expectations, and satisfaction in the delivered public service based on responsiveness, reliability, access and facilities communication costs, and integrity. The 10-point Likert scale used in rating the respondents’ satisfaction with the service measures the extent to which they agree or disagree with a particular question or statement. Dr. Ladines commented that satisfaction survey must bring into line with the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

The suggestions and recommendations of QMR Superintendent Ladines and Deputy QMR OIC-Assistant Superintendent Gonzales facilitated the ISO updates in time for its application for re-certification come October 2020. (By Reena G. Orquina)