Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines extended her appreciation to the lead persons of the Pre School Opening Activities (PSOA) in a virtual meeting participated in by the schoolheads, CID and SGOD chiefs, CID and SGOD supervisors and specialists, July 10.

 PSOA lead persons Dr. Rosie O. Rumbaoa and Ms. Thelma F. Montiel for the Simulation Group; Dr. Arlyn M. Brigola and Dr. Nelson I. Carvajal for the Parents’ Training; Ms. Ma. Estrellita C. Arceo and Dr. Julius Allan N. Baggayan for the Homeroom Activities received a special mention from Superintendent Ladines for their “patience, hard work and determination” exhibited to establishing and implementing the PSOA activities.

           “In this time of pandemic, we are able to discover the qualities, talents, and bring out the best among people, remarked Dr. Ladines denoting the PSOA lead persons who each earlier presented and discussed the framework of the PSOA.

Based on Deped Order No. 7, s. 2020 PSOA was designed as part of the division’s Learning Continuity Plan which include the three major activities: conduct of the parents’ training scheduled on August 3-15, 2020, orientation and simulation of the distribution and utilization of the Self-Learning Modules (SLM), and the conduct of homeroom activities on August 17-22, 2020.

The PSOA scenario presents the Simulation which aims to hasten, enhance, and showcase the best practices from the time the SLMs undergo packaging, distribution, actual usage, up to the monitoring of classes, special curriculum dry runs, retrieval and replenishment of the SLMs.

Then, the Parents’ Training focuses on the foundational topics with parents supporting and guiding their children at home and in collaborating with the community as well as orientation and simulation of learners on ADM and utilization of LMs.

While the Homeroom Activities tackles the aspect on mental health and psychosocial activities, characteristics and effects of the pandemic and other COVID-related topics; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and utilization of the SLM using the learning platforms.

The three groups keep an eye from the time they were first organized as separate committees on June 26 in a special virtual meeting called for by Dr. Ladines, where each crafted a PSOA activity proposal, framework, and contents then consolidated to come with a Primer to be made ready before August 1, 2020.

Moreover, in the same meeting, Dr. Ladines encouraged all participants to always go back to the Division Implementation Plan whenever they are in doubt or they want to know which part they are left behind in the process flow and to collaborate with one another at all times.

“Collaboration hurdles with 100 percent success rate in overcoming the challenges – that we will still be able to deliver quality education despite the struggle each day in our work from home or physical reporting in our respective schools or offices,” she concluded. (By Reena G. Orquina)